We offer a number of services ranging from original compositions to arrangements and orchestrations, as well as music preparation.

Composition Click to listen

We provide original music for any product - Film and TV, video games, commercials, websites, and musical theater, to name just a few. We can provide a complete electronic score to keep the cost at a minimum or a full orchestral score if you’re looking for that big Hollywood sound. We can also blend electronic and live music to give you the best of both worlds.

Arranging Click to listen

We provide original arrangements of pre-existing music. Please contact us if you have a song or other piece of music that needs to be arranged for a particular size group and style. We have arranged for many theater, choir, big band and orchestra projects.

Programming Click to listen

We translate handwritten or printed scores into audio files using Midi, keeping your costs down.

Orchestration Click to listen

We provide orchestration for any symphonic style music. We have a lot of experience in film and video game orchestration and would love to be part of your next project.

Midi Preparation

We clean up and translate midi scores into readable music parts, an indispensable service for composers and orchestrators.


We print out conductor scores, individual parts, and duplicates, and create booth copies so you don’t have to.